E-Nough Logic AEM EMS iOS Prototype Transmitter

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E-Nough Logic AEM EMS iOS Prototype Transmitter

This Bluetooth Transmitter sends data from your AEM EMS V1 or V2 to your iOS device. This is a prototype transmitter, it is fully functional, but does not have a hard case. It is contained in a thick heat shrink wrap. I have tested this product for 3+ years so far with no casing at all without failure. Each transmitter is tested before shipping to ensure functionality.

-Transmitter Inside Thick Heat Shrink Wrap
-USB Cable for Power
-Hardware cable to power to 12v power and ground
-Optional Serial Cable(You can also use the cable provided with your EMS)

The project I'm working on brings AEM EMS users and hopefully other engine management system users a digital dashboard and gauge display setup to their iOS device. My hardware streams data to your iPad/iPhone Via bluetooth. Because AEM EMS is used on so many cars and can output so many parameters I make the software as flexible as possible so it can be used to show any 19 channels you want in a usable format.

Some of the features included:

-Customizable gauge interface, add/move/size gauges as desired,
-Choose style and settings for each gauge

-Each channel will have its own limitations, IE even though AEM EMS outputs 0-12500 or 0-25000rpm you can still choose a gauge that only shows 0-9000rpm with appropriate scaling.

-Any output from the AEM EMS can be read. If you hook up a fuel pressure or oil pressure sensor the software can read it and output in a user friendly format, not just voltage.

-Choose your colors, Gauge bounds, and Warnings individually for each channel

-Analog, Round Bar, Horizontal Bar, Graph, Text based and other gauges

-Data-logging that can be viewed on any iOS device you own. Log the data on your iPhone view on your iPad etc. The data can also be exported and opened in desktop datalogging applications.

Device must have bluetooth 4.0. All iPhones 4S' or newer, ipad3 or newer, all iPad minis, ipod touch 5th gen or newer.

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