Data Dispersion is a new multi-platform open-source software package used to process and transmit data and telemetry from various input sources and distribute that data across other mediums for local or remote viewing and logging.

Initial Developments will include the following features:

  • Linux(Raspberry Pi) is the primary target for the software with the intent to have the same code base work for Windows and MacOS 
  • Multi-threaded modular design built on node.js.
  • CANBus input beginning with the AEM Infinity AEMNet protocol with foundation for almost any Standalone ECU
  • Serial input from AEM EMS V1 & V2 ECU
  • Web Based data viewing on device or remotely via TCP Socket or served view on-device web server provided web page with Socket.IO support
  • iOS application to view, log and analyze data via the Digital Logic app in the app store.